Cool Shower Curtains


Cool Shower Curtains

Cool Shower Curtains

Cool shower curtains can really update your bath. Do you have that funky pink tile that was popular in the 50’s? Simply adding cool shower curtains can make that pink stuff actually look great. Remember—a shower curtain is practically an entire wall, so you can really make an impact with the right shower curtain.

Color Schemes

Ok, maybe you don’t have a bath full of pink tile. Maybe it’s blue—or brown. Regardless of the colors you are stuck with in your bathroom, there are cool shower curtains in so many colors, that you can do something about that crazy color scheme. There are, in general, two ways you can go on this.

Draw attention away from the color in your bathroom with a cool shower curtain. If you have, for instance, one of those bathrooms with a blue tub, blue tile, a blue toilet, and blue sink, you’re looking at a major renovation to get rid of the blue. Cool shower curtains can start you on the journey of drawing the eye away from all of the blue. For instance, bring in a cool shower curtain with a big flowing design of some kind—preferably floral or water splashes of some sort—to draw the eye away from the repetitive squares of blue tile all over the place. Do this with a coordinating color. Shades of purple with blue undertones, rather than red undertones, will dominate the color spectrum in the bath, and the blue will become almost unnoticeable as it fades into the background. Cool shower curtains can bring new life to that outdated color scheme.

Another way to use cool shower curtains to disguise your ugly bath is to work with the colors in place. You do this with cool shower curtains in contrasting colors. For instance, that same blue bath would look totally different with yellows. Bring in a cool shower curtain with a geometric design in the same shade of blue, with additional blues and yellows thrown in. the key here is to vary the sizes of your geometrics. If your outdated bath has the traditional 4 x 4 tile, with 1” tile flooring, go with a different size geometric on your cool shower curtain. Depending on the style you’re looking for, you can go with circles, a bead pattern, and checks or squares for a modern look, or you can look for more traditional patters involving paisley patterns. Pick up the yellows and other shades of blues in your bathroom accessories, and you’ve used those items along with your cool shower curtain to completely change the look of your bathroom.


Enough with the camouflage. Now, let’s just have fun! Cool shower curtains come with every theme imaginable. You can even have your favorite vacation photo printed on a cool shower curtain, turning your bath into a vacation get away.
Layer your shower curtains for a voluptuous effect, or make a statement. Either way, your cool shower curtains will make or break your bath.