Fabric Shower Curtains Add a Touch of Class


Cool Shower Curtains

Cool Shower Curtains

Fabric shower curtains can add a touch of class to your bathroom, updating it and giving it a designer look. While it may seem counter intuitive to use cloth as a shower curtain, considering the fact it will get wet, you’ll find that fabric shower curtains are water resistant. These are not your vinyl substitutes.


Grommet or Hooks?

Your fabric shower curtains will add a beautiful, voluptuous feeling to your bath, and you can hang them several different ways. For one thing, you can always use the old traditional shower curtain rods, with the hooks that fit in the holes across the top. The hooks themselves, these days, are as decorative as the fabric shower curtains, so coordinating the look is a lot of fun, and full of possibilities.

As a change of pace, you can get fabric shower curtains with big 1” or 2” grommets so the shower curtain can feed directly through the curtain. This will give a more modern look to your bath, lending itself to the more industrial look popular today.

Dress it Up

Your bathroom will look totally different with a fabric shower curtain. You just can’t get the same look with plastic or vinyl. Fabric shower curtains made from quality fabrics, and treated to be water resistant, will last for a long time, making the extra expense well worth the investment. Fabric shower curtains are just more relaxing and warm looking than plastic.

Clean it Up

While your fabric shower curtain may be treated to be water resistant, you should still use a vinyl liner behind it. The vinyl will shed water back into the shower drain, leaving the fabric shower curtain to do what it does best—look pretty. Just wash your fabric shower curtain periodically to discourage mold and mildew, and it will stay fresh and pretty.

Match it Up

One of the best things about fabric shower curtains is the incredible variety. Made from any kind of fabric, the curtains can often double as something you could use in your windows. From cotton duck to seersucker, fabric shower curtains can bring any texture you want into your bath. The variety of patterns available with fabric shower curtains is even greater. Name a theme. Just, name it. Oh! There’s a shower curtain for that! Do you want grown-up nautical, kid nautical, rustic, art deco, well, the list is endless. You can get quilts that have been converted into fabric shower curtains. In fact, you may actually find a fabric shower curtain and design your bath to match!

Use it Up

Your fabric shower curtain will last for years. In fact, you’ll probably change décor before your fabric shower curtains are worn out. Just wash it now and then, and it will stay in good shape. Especially durable are fabric shower curtains made from heavier materials.

Regardless of the type of fabric, color, or print, your fabric shower curtains will bring you years of enjoyment.


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