Shower Curtain Rods—Make room!


Shower Curtain Rods

Shower Curtain Rods

Shower curtain rods may not be very glamorous, but they can make plenty of room in your bath. Look at different types of shower curtain rods before you get in a rut and purchase the traditional tension rod.



Vintage Tubs

Whether you have a vintage tub, or a vintage tub replica, shower curtain rods will make or break the function of the area. When people think of shower curtain rods, they usually think of the old tension rod that you twist to fit just a little bigger area than the space available, and wedge it in. However, vintage tubs and freestanding tubs present a different kind of challenge.

Rather than the rectangular tub set into the niche built for it, the vintage tub will feature an oval shape, or even hexagonal, with a hand-held shower head. These hand-held showers need special shower curtain rod treatments that are designed to encircle the actual shape of the tub.  

For instance, if you have a claw foot tub sitting in the corner, you can get shower curtain rods with two 22 degree angles that will mount in the corner, wrapping your tub/shower with a pretty shower curtain that helps delineate the area.  If your freestanding tub is against the wall, but not enclosed at the ends, a D rod is what you need. These type of shower curtain rods will wrap out from the wall, across your tub, and around to the other wall to offer privacy.

You can even get shower curtain rods with an L shape for the tub that has one end against the wall, with the other end exposed.

Double Rods

Regardless of whether you’re buying shower curtain rods for vintage or traditional tubs, it can be a nice decorative touch to purchase a double rod. This gives you the opportunity to hang water proof vinyl or plastic in the actual bathtub, with an attractive fabric shower curtain on the outer rod for decoration. This is much like the double effect over your windows when you hang sheers with curtains over them.

Double shower curtain rods also allow you to hang one layer of fabric shower curtains, with a valance across the front. This, again, is very similar to window treatments in your other rooms.

Curved Rods

Curved shower curtain rods offer a great space saving solution to your shower. Yes, you’ve probably struggled with the “octopus” shower curtain in the narrow shower. As you step into the shower, the curtain billows in and wraps itself around you. You find yourself doing hand to hand combat with a shower curtain that is determined to claim what little shower space is available. A curved shower curtain rod is perfect for these spaces. It attaches at the ends in the same space a tension rod uses, but curves out into the room a few inches. This gives you elbow room, while leaving the bottom of the curtain in the tub, allowing the water to run down the drain as usual.

These are just a few ideas for shower curtain rods that may inspire you to come up with some ideas and solutions of your own.


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